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And The Winner Is…

Jan 06 2012

awardimageRemember a while ago, and by a while ago I mean September, when I informed both of you, my readers, that I was nominated for an award namely the Blogger’s Choice Awards on the Newfoundland and Labrador Blogroll?  You don’t?  Well, I almost forgot too since the voting was so long ago.

Well… due to several circumstances, the site’s administrator was unable to tally the results right away, but when he finally did, guess who won in the Mixed Bag category?  Nope, not Townie Bastard.  Nope, wrong again, not The Owlery Chronicles. Sigh… give up?  It was Oh Me Nerves!  No… I’m not joking, and yes, it WAS a serious vote.  Incidentally, both of those other blogs are very well done, well written, and strong competition.  Based solely on objective criteria, I’m not sure I could have won.

So, since the winner was based on votes from the community, I’d like to thank both of you, my readers, for diligently and consistently voting over and over and over.  I don’t know yet what my award consists of.  Maybe I’ll be able to retire from my day job and dedicate all of my time to writing gibberish on this site.  Smile  I think I’ll get some sort of graphic I can post on this site for bragging rights and my blog link will be posted prominently on the NL Blogroll website or something.  Ether way, I’m excited and grateful!


Posted by Steve at 7:58 am, Jan 6, 2012