Aug 28 2010

Until last night, my wife and I were the only two people in the free world who had not seen Avatar in the theatre. We never really were movie goers that much. In fact, last night was our first movie date ever!

We wanted to go see it when it was in the theatres earlier this year, but we didn’t want to be packed in somewhere like sardines two rows from the front. Then it left the theatres before we realized it was gone and our chances were gone forever.

Luckily, they re-released it starting yesterday with an additional eight minutes of “never before seen” footage. We went to the 7:00 showing in a theatre that was probably only quarter full, if that.

It was amazing! I know I’m writing what you all already know, but it really was impressive. I’d been to 3-D movies before and it always seemed to me that you were looking at cardboard cut-outs placed at various depths in front of you. AND, in order to get that effect, you were constantly adjusting your glasses to avoid the red and blue shadows around everything on the screen. But not Avatar! No! The depth of field was gradual, dynamic and continuous. The movie didn’t exist to exploit some cheesy effect, the effect was an integral part of the experience. About ten minutes in I had forgotten all about the 3-D and felt like I was standing in the movie watching all this happen around me.

If you haven’t seen it yet, you simply HAVE to. It’s back. Now’s your chance!

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Posted by Steve at 10:05 am, Aug 28, 2010


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  1. Dave

    August 28, 2010 at 12:27 pm

    Jack? Jack Nicholson? Didn’t realize that he was here to see the movie too! icon_smile