1,209,600 Seconds

Oct 27 2009

Two weeks, with love.Twenty thousand, one hundred and sixty minutes.
Three hundred and thirty six hours.
Fourteen days.

Yup. It’s been two weeks since I put a post up here. I really have nothing to blame other than sheer laziness. That and a relatively uneventful fortnight.



Posted by Steve at 2:23 pm, Oct 27, 2009


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  1. nadine

    October 27, 2009 at 3:08 pm

    Oh great now I have THAT song in my head.
    I hate that!

  2. kevin

    October 29, 2009 at 1:58 pm

    I don’t know if this is actually a post.
    It is, on the other hand, an affirmation of neglect to the site, of which I am a fan, and now that you’ve undoubtably found a calulator to do the math, maybe we could continue in the same vein and figure out how long you’re gonna take before you realize that there may be more like me out there, waiting, biting at the bit, for a little or a lot more them you’ve given us. Producing and maintaining a site like this takes on another role of responsibilty then that of it’s upkeep. The responsibility is to the readership and or viewership, whichever you prefer, of the site. The poor sod, not unlike myself, who routinly takes the time to check in is more often then not, eager to become involned in the antics and happenstance of what the latest post has to offer. Whether it be biting satire, the odd run-in with the local public at large, the ongoing and sometimes heated exchanges between “wifey and the other half or third, or maybe an observation to ponder or make fun of. Any of these are relished and sought after day in and day out but to initiate a post in the name of how long it’s been since the last one, is merely taking a breath and informing your awaiting public that it will be longer still before anything of valuable substance appears to satisfy our insatuable appetites. Calculators aside, we sometimes have a right to demand more, after all, you did start us on this road turning quickly into the habit that is our bane to carry, likewise it’s your duty not to cut the cord but to make sure the content is as strong and entertaining or thought provoking as it has always been. Other then that, how’s your day going