April and May Showers

Jul 09 2014

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Farewell Uncle Frank

Jun 25 2014

Uncle FrankThis is the second time I posted this picture… the last time was almost eight years ago when my Uncle Bob passed away. Now, I’m posting it in memory of my Uncle Frank, the man strumming the guitar in the center of the picture. He was a young 65 years old and died yesterday from complications during a surgery.

I never spent a lot of time around my Uncle Frank, but all of the memories I do have of him are pleasant. He was always laughing and smiling and joking around. Although it has been years since I’ve seen him, it is all kind of shocking to know he’s gone.

Rest in peace, Uncle Frank. Say hi to Uncle Bob and Da for us all.


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… and we were swingin’!

Jun 23 2014
Billy Rose and me... a looonnggggg time ago!

Billy Rose and me… a looonnggggg time ago!

Missing you on your birthday.


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Pretty Chives

Jun 13 2014

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Thank You.

Jun 11 2014

Just a short drive down Mountain Road in Moncton and you can see all the support for our RCMP and fallen officers after the horrid events a week ago tonight.


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All By Myself

Jun 09 2014

Check out this video created on an iPhone by a Monctonian who was stuck in Las Vegas airport overnight recently.  Hilariously great job!

All by myself from Richard Dunn on Vimeo.

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